Revamp Your Tech Resume with AI

Transitioning careers into tech can be challenging, especially when it comes to showing your skills on your resume. Highlighting transferable skills from other fields in a way that appeals to tech recruiters can be challenging. Thankfully AI can help!

I created a ChatGPT resume prompt a few months ago to assist with translating skills from non-tech backgrounds into tech-friendly language. The idea came after I attended a career workshop at a tech conference. The speaker emphasized the importance of tailoring resumes when changing industries.

My prompt gets the LLM to rephrase skills and experience to better match tech job requirements. For instance, ChatGPT might recommend saying “Collaborated cross-functionally to improve team productivity” rather than “Worked with coworkers.”

Prompts like this provide a useful starting point. I look forward to continuing to refine the tool to further empower career changers. My hope is that by incorporating AI, anyone can highlight their talents in a way that resonates with tech recruiters. With some AI assistance, changing careers might feel less challenging. Give my resume prompt a try in ChatGPT or another language model. This was tested in GPT 3.5 and 4. You can tweak it and test it in your own LLMs to see how well it works for you.


I’ve included the prompt in a link below. Just click on the link and download it.

Link to the Prompt

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