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Don’t Let Perfect Be the Enemy of Good Enough: AI Podcast App

Corise Build With AI Class Certificate

When I enrolled in an advanced AI coding class as a beginner I knew it would push me outside my comfort zone. But I underestimated how much my perfectionism would emerge when our assignment was building an AI podcast app with the Whisper API and Streamlit. I don’t typically back down from too many challenges […]

Choosing a Mascot for Spill University

Spill Mascot Choices

Spill University is bringing the vibrancy of HBCU culture to social media. As this virtual community evolves, we are all calling Spill home – a place where Black joy and expression thrive. To commemorate our growth, it’s time to select an official mascot. As a new CompSci professor at Spill U teaching AI and Visual […]

Bringing Characters to Life With AI Art


I decided to create engaging characters using AI generative art. Midjourney has become my favorite tool for bringing the ideas in my head to the digital canvas. By carefully crafting prompts, I can describe a character down to details like hair color, facial features, clothing, and accessories. The AI art isn’t perfect, but provides a […]

Nostalgia: Black Streetwear in DC

Boys Chillin

This photo series recreates iconic streetwear looks from my childhood growing up Black in the DC area during the 80s and 90s. I used Midjourney AI art to generate images that capture the vibe and culture of black fashion in DC back then. These images are a nostalgic tribute. Though trends evolve, the flair and […]

Revamp Your Tech Resume with AI

Tech Skills Prompt

Transitioning careers into tech can be challenging, especially when it comes to showing your skills on your resume. Highlighting transferable skills from other fields in a way that appeals to tech recruiters can be challenging. Thankfully AI can help! I created a ChatGPT resume prompt a few months ago to assist with translating skills from […]

Bringing a Picture to Life with AI

Woman Avatar

I wanted to create a fun animated version of myself, so I combined a couple of different AI tools. First, I used Midjourney to generate a cartoon illustration of me based on a text description. The result was a cute, stylized portrait capturing my look and personality. Then, I recorded myself speaking and utilized D-ID […]



Taking a break from my to-do list to spend quality time with my 5-year-old daughter was a special moment. She was working on her first puzzle and needed some help. I took 30 minutes to teach her and assist with assembling the pieces. The smile on her face when she touched the completed puzzle filled […]

Creating an AI Music Converter

As a beginner learning to code, I wanted to build a tool to simplify converting between music file formats. Specifically, I wanted an easy way to go from Apple’s .m4a audio files to the more universal .mp3 format. Rather than manually exporting and converting each time, I used python and flask to create a music […]

Automating My Sister’s Baby Shower with ChatGPT

Sample Baby Shower Ticket

Planning my sister’s baby shower turned into an unexpected coding adventure. As an event planner, she had a very specific vision involving custom tickets and QR codes for her guests. With only a few days until the event, I decided to see if ChatGPT could help me use python to make her vision a reality. […]